DSM's ULocks Line Combines Nourishing, Natural and Fresh Effects for Textured Hair

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DSM-Firmenich's ULocks line of hair care products is designed to bring pleasurable, unique care to textured hair.

According to the company, key challenges for textured hair include scalp disorders, difficulty in combing, hair loss, long and complex care and styling routines, hair breakage, oily scalp and dull/dry hair, among others. As such, the ULocks line incorporates vitamins, natural origin actives and refreshing fragrance to address these concerns.

More specifically, the company's LockCare complexes, which are combinations of vitamins and natural origin actives, are combined with its LockScent technology to extend fragrance "until the next wash." This is reportedly thanks to the fragrance molecules creating hydrogen bonds with hair keratin. 

Per the company, these lasting effects were demonstrated on hair swatches in a sensory test (n = 30) of the overall fragrance intensity of a typical wash day routine (Day 1) versus a refreshing routine (Day 1 + Day 4 + Day 7).

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Product Lineup

The line of 5 products includes the following, each featuring multiple DSM-Firmenich ingredients. The formula downloads are available on the company's website, accessible here.

  • Cleansing conditioner - reported in 75% of consumers with coily hair to leave it soft, nourished and shiny;
  • Hydration mousse - reported by 70% of consumers with coily hair to be easy to apply and 95% of consumers with coily hair to not leave any residue;
  • Luminous wax - reported in 95% of consumers with coily hair to leave hair nourished without a sticky effect, and in 85% of consumers with coily hair to leave hair silky and shiny;
  • Scalp serum - reported to provide good scalp hydration in 84% of consumers with coily hair and to not impart any stickiness in 95% of consumers with coily hair; and
  • Nourishing oily gel - reported in 85% of consumers with coily hair to leave hair silky and shiny; and in 95% of consumers with coily hair to have a rich, pleasant texture and to be easy to apply, leaving no residue.

For all the products, 72% of consumers agreed the formulas had a long-lasting fragrance "that leaves you feeling fresh until your next wash," per dsm-Firmenich.

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