Mibelle’s PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica Hair

Mibelle Phyto Cell Tec Hair

New research has resulted in the launch of Mibelle Biochemistry's PhytoCellTec Malus domestica Hair (INCI: Not Provided), a plant stem cell active ingredient targeted to human hair stem cells. The technology reportedly protects hair stem cells against premature aging and loss. 

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The supplier says that studies have shown the ingredient to be effective in helping keratinocyte and dermal papilla stem cells to maintain their stem cell characteristics, stimulating hair growth, prolonging the anagen phase of hair, delaying hair aging, and preventing hair loss. (Hair loss is a top-trending concern.)

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In addition, updated study results on the skin are available to an increase of skin thickness and updated clinical test results on wrinkles.

For more information, contact Mibelle Biochemistry.

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