Nourishing 'Hair Block' Bar from Croda


With an increased global awareness of single-use plastics and movement toward sustainable packaging, consumers want to reduce waste in all aspects of their lives; enter an old favorite: the bar product format. 

According to Croda, shampoo bars last longer than conventional shampoo formats. In addition, their compact size reduces their carbon footprint, making them both cost and eco-friendly.

The new Nourishing Hair Block (see Formula) is shaped in a building brick format to appeal to both children and adults. Designed with small raised bumps, the block gently massages the scalp while providing mild cleansing and effective moisturization, to leave hair healthy, smooth and soft.

According to the inventor, Croda's Brazilian-based applications scientist, Mariana Rogero, "What inspired me to create this formulation was to have a versatile shampoo with an innovative format that is ready to go. It is also a formulation created without water, sulfates or preservatives—and it requires no packaging."

For more information, contact Croda.

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