Formula Focus: Leave-in Repairing Hair Serum

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Editor's note: The products highlighted in our Formula Focus series are chosen at the editor's discretion and demonstrate key ingredients used by the given supplier to create it.

This Moisturizing and Repairing Hair Leave-in Serum from Mibelle Biochemistry features the upcycled ingredient PinoPlex (INCI: Pinus Sylvestris Cone Extract (and) Glycerin (and) Sodium Benzoate (and) Aqua/Water), inspired by and derived from pine cones. It is designed to help consumers come closer to their "dream" for shiny, glossy and voluminous hair.

Per the company, pine cones open and close their scales based on different weather conditions. In humid weather, the cone scales are closed while in dry weather, they are splayed or open; upon contact with water, they close again. This ingredient helps to ensure the hair is sufficiently moisturized with a smooth cuticle to support hair's healthy, vital and beautiful appearance. (Click on image below to enlarge it).

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Pinoplex Hair Example Formula Mibelle BiochemistryMibelle Biochemistry

Procedure: Heat A toward 75°C while stirring, and at 40°C, add B to A under agitation. If lumps form, briefly homogenize the mixture. Once AB reaches 75°C, stir for a minimum of 30 min more. Add C to AB with stirring and continue to mix until everything has melted. Add D to ABC and homogenize for 5 min. Cool to 25°C. If necessary, adjust pH to 4.0-4.5 using E (sodium hydroxide 30% aq. soln). Finally, add F to ABCDE and homogenize for 2 min.

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