Positively Natural Conditioning

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Emulsense™ HC is a unique natural hair conditioning system with that provides exceptional conditioning performance and consumer desired sensory aesthetics without the use of quaternized amines or silicones. This optimized combination of a patented L-Isoleucine amino acid derivative and Brassica Alcohol provides improved wet combing and reduces static and fly-aways without building up on hair. The combination of moisturization without build-up leaves hair feeling elegant and weightless. The system has an added easy-to-formulate benefit and oils are conveniently incorporated to create rich, stable formulations.


The novel conditioning agent Brassicyl Isoleucinate Esylate was derived solely from fermentation and plant materials using green chemistry principles. Emulsense™ HC is 100% natural, readily biodegradable, silicone, quat, and palm-free, and Ecocert, NS, and Cosmos-certified for clean label claims.

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