GRANREPAIR POWERBOND: Next Generation Bond Cure Technology - Free Technical Brochure


GRANREPAIR POWERBOND is an innovative next-generation bond technology that protects, strengthens and repairs damaged hair from harmful effects. Results have shown it to last several hair washing and drying cycles, outperforming the competition in comparative salon tests. GRANREPAIR POWERBOND acts by protecting existing disulfide bonds as well as reconnecting broken ones caused from excessive bleaching, over-treatment and extreme flat iron use. Its unique silicone composition compared to other salt complexes provides increased deposition to the hair with less potential for unwanted wash-off, leading to enhanced performance, outstanding softening, shine and improved wet and dry combing performance. 

GRANREPAIR POWERBOND protects the bonds from initial breakage and repairs broken bonds from severe damage. GRANREPAIR POWERBOND does not interfere with bleaching process, does not reduce the bleaching time or impact bleaching results, and is designed to be incorporated into both professional salon treatments and at home maintenance products. Download your Technical Brochure today to discover our 3-Step System, comparisons with market leaders, FAQs and more!


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