ProRenew Complex CLR™ has high efficacy for postbiotic scalp care


ProRenew Complex CLR™ is a postbiotic active ingredient based on a lysate of Lactococcus lactis, developed with CLR Berlin’s more than 40 years of experience of developing cosmetic active ingredients by making use of probiotic bacteria.

Earlier cell biological and clinical studies have already shown that ProRenew Complex CLR™ improves all the epidermal processes to make skin healthy, robust, soft and attractive. It also helps provide a healthy skin microbiota with an environment in which it can thrive. ProRenew Complex CLR™ supports and balances both the skin and its microbiota at their core.

New studies with ProRenew Complex CLR™ have now further underlined its potency as a cosmetic active ingredient. It was shown that it has a profound and perceivable effect on the scalp, even in rinse-off formulations. A clinical study that was conducted with volunteers with problematic scalp proved that ProRenew Complex CLR™, even if contained in a rinse-off shampoo formulation, was able to improve scalp sensitivity and dryness perceivably.


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