Cosmetics & Toiletries Hair Treatments and Repair Formulary


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Hair Care

Hair Care Oil

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Claims: • repairing and nutritive action • multi-use oil • transparent formula • cold-processable

Hair Care

Hair and Scalp Cream Mask

Naturochim S.A.S.

This cream is intended as a hair and scalp mask. It contains Naturochim's Premium Organic Argan Butter and NAT Organic Argan Wax, which impart body to the cream while acting as emollient and moisturizing agents to damaged hair. In addition, the Organic Deodorized Pomegranate Oil is rich in conjugated fatty acids – mainly punicic – and shows strong anti-inflammatory properties. It is therefore recommended for scalps that are dry and irritated by color and straightening treatments.

Hair Care

Hair Repairing Serum

Centerchem Inc.

This hair serum is for protecting, strengthening and repairing damaged hair. This formulation includes a new active ingredient, which protects hair fibers, strengthens and prevents hair from breakage, regains integrity and improves elasticity and breakage.

Ethnic Care

Deep Hair Conditioner and Scalp Moisturizer

Ashland LLC

This product was designed for intense hair conditioning and scalp revitalization. Polyquaternium-55 helps impart good wet comb and feel properties, while enhancing deposition of the alkyl quaternaries. Meanwhile a combination of behenyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol and hydroxyethyl cetearamidopropyldimonium chloride delivers conditioning, anti-static properties and enhanced structure and texture of the crème.

Ethnic Care

Intensive Restoring Conditioner for African Hair


Restore consumers’ hair with this rich, intensely moisturizing conditioner that will hydrate the hair and scalp and reduce breakage. Crodazoquat MCC restores hydrophobicity to hair, improves hair aesthetics and delivers a consumer-perceivable feel improvement.

Hair Care

Sulfate-free, Mild Hair and Body Shampoo

Evonik Industries AG

Hair Care

Hair Tonic

Givaudan Active Beauty

Hair Tonic is a clear colorless liquid with a refreshing smell that features Redensyl, the silver award of In-Cosmetics 2014 in Hamburg.

Hair Care

Deep Cleansing, High Shine Shampoo

Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

This anti-residue, deep cleansing shampoo provides non-aggressive cleansing while removing metals and pollution from the hair surface. The elegant rheology and clarity at low pH are provided by Carbopol Aqua SF-2 polymer, which allows for formulating with food grade preservatives. CG4500 removes metals and pollution from the hair surface. The surfactant system contains Chembetaine CAD, Sulfochem CS-BZ and Sulfochem EA-2 (2 Mole) surfactants. Sulfochem CS-BZ surfactant is naturally derived from coconut oil and increases foam volume while Sulfochem EA-2 (2 Mole) surfactant is suited for low pH cleansing systems.

Hair Care

CC Hair Cream

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Claims: • rich and soft leave-on texture with “phospholipid-touch” • curl control action: anti-frizz, straightening and smoothing • paraben-free

Hair Care

Happy Head Scalp Serum

Natural Plant Products

This scalp serum provides cooling, soothing relief to scalp and strength, shine and conditioning to hair. Meadowfoam XPR is highly nourishing to skin and moisturizes to combat scalp dryness while Daikon Seed Extract provides shine and strength to hair. Licorice root extract (rich in regenerative and antioxidant compounds) and mineral-rich pink kaolin clay soothe and detoxify the scalp. Aurafirm N, a fermented oat active, conditions hair and supports the skin microbiome, and peppermint and tea tree essential oils provide a lovely, cooling sensation.

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