Read the Label Online: Living Proof Straight Spray

Living Proof's Straight Spray
Living Proof's Straight Spray

This aerosol hair styling product uses a proprietary polymer, octafluoropentyl methacrylate, developed by Living Proof. Other key ingredients include the solvent system—in this case a hydroalcoholic system in which the water allows the polymer and the conditioning system to spread on the hair before it dries and the alcohol allows the spray to dry fast.

In addition, hydrofluorocarbon 152A, a non-VOC aerosol propellant, is utilized as well as linoleamidopropyl ethyldimonium ethosulfate, a water-soluble hair conditioning agent. The propylene glycol dibenzoate serves as a light, dry ester and is designed to provide shine to hair without causing buildup. Finally, PPG-5 ceteth-20 is a solubilizer, which this author suspects is being used to solubilize the fragrance.

While this author cannot comment on the performance of this product, it appears the product is designed to reflect the trend in lighter hair care products that avoid buildup and that can be used on wet or dry hair.

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