Evaluating Polyimide-1, a Styling Resin for Gel and Mousse Formulations

Variations of hair gels and mousses comprise approximately half of the global styling product market and are the key growth area within the category. New technology is required to sustain this growth and to meet the challenge of providing longevity of style (style memory), volume creation, style defi nition, and a smooth/touchable hold while maintaining compatibility with polyacrylic acid rheology modifiers. This article surveys a variety of tests ISP uses to evaluate new hair styling resins for gels and mousses. Tests for high humidity curl retention, film clarity, fl exibility, durability, toughness, fi lm surface friction and versatility/ compatibility are used to compare the in-product performance of a new resin (polyamide-1) versus an established styling resin (polyvinylpyrrolidone).

Polyimide-1 Polyimide-1a was specifically designed by ISP to meet consumer needs for the gel and mousse market. It is a water-soluble, amphoteric polymer comprised of an isobutylene/dimethylaminopropylmaleimide polymer backbone derivatized with ethylene oxide/propylene oxide (EO/PO) oligomers and dimethylaminopropylamine (DMAPA) (Figure 1). ISP is the sole supplier of polyimide-1.

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