Superabsorbent Corn Starch Polymer for Cosmetics

Absorbent Technologies Inc. (ATI), a privately held, science-based company dedicated to the development, manufacture and marketing of starch-based superabsorbent products and ingredients, has expanded the uses of Reon, its sustainable superabsorbent polymers made from corn starch.

Reon, according to the company, is capable of retaining 500 times its weight in water and is designed to manage water and fluids in a wide range of industrial products and applications. The company reorganized its Albany, Ore. plant to accomodate the ingredient's expansion in other applications including medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, diapers, construction products, fire suppression, fuel filters and more.

The superabsorbent reportedly allows better performance than synthetic polymers in addition to being sustainable. “Because Reon is sustainable, functional, safe and biodegrades quickly after its useful life, we believe this starch-based polymer will replace millions of pounds of petroleum-based polymers as green-thinking companies adopt our better product,” said David Westlund, Reon product manager in a company press release.

The polymer can be made in a variety of granule sizes and powders. The company can be formulated with either potassium or sodium, and can adjust the pH and color to meet specific standards.

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