Enhancing Shine and Gloss in Sticks

Sensient Technologies Corp. has launched two ingredients that improve the shine and gloss of lipsticks, glosses and more due to their refractive indices. According to a report by WorldPress Online, SensiCrystal and Crystal Wax can be used independently or together.

Crystal Wax is a combination of waxes, polymer and esters with a high refractive index that offers good pay-off: 65% more than other clear lipsticks on the market. It can be introduced at 1.5% to 15% into a regular lipsticks to improve color  vibrancy and shine on the lips, or for transparent sticks.

SensiCrystal is a combination of polymer and esters that also improves shine in lipsticks, glosses and balms. It is miscible in a range of oils and is designed to help formulate clear sticks when used with Crystalwax.

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