Sulfate-, DEA-free Body Wash

Pilot Chemical Co.

Water (aqua) qs to 100%w/w
Alpha olefin sulfonate (Calsoft AOS-40, Pilot) 25.00
Cocamidopropyl betaine (Caltaine C-35, Pilot) 10.00
Cocamide MEA (Calamide MC, Pilot) 2.00
Sodium chloride 4.00
Preservative qs
Fragrance (parfum) qs
Dye qs
Citric acid qs to pH 5.5

Procedure: Combine A. Mix and heat to 70º C. Add C to batch and begin cooling. After the batch cools to 30ºC, add C with constant mixing. Mix well until clear. A smooth, homogenous batch will be obtained that is free of lumps and/or particles.

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