A Beauty Line for Canines

Sexy Beast launches a line of beauty products formulated specifically for dogs. According to the company, Sexy Beast unites the pet and beauty industries to create a new genre focused on the beauty and maintenance of dogs.

63% of the U.S. population are pet owners, according to the company. In addition, sales for pet services has become a US$2.4 billion industry. The company believed that a beauty regimen for dogs was necessary based on the growing population of dog enthusiasts.

"The goal for Sexy Beast is to create the first true line of pet beauty products made especially for dogs but with the same high standards that our customer would expect from products they use themselves," said Reneé Ryan, the creator of Sexy Beast. "It's far from your typical dog grooming line."

The Sexy Beast line includes Fresh, a cleanser formulated with chamomile oil, lavender extracts and rosemary extracts; Powder; Gloss, a finishing mist which includes safflower, chamomile oil, lavender oil and rosemary oils; and The Signature Fragrance, which is a blend of bergamot, vanilla-infused musk, patchouli oil, mandarin oil and nutmeg oil. The line is reportedly 100% vegan and 100% safe for all breeds.

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