Formulating Aftershave

Facial shaving is primarily a men’s ritual that may have unexpected skin benefits. Razors are one of the best ways to physically exfoliate surface skin cells and remove impurities from open blackheads. Conversely, improper shaving obviously can lead to irritation, removal of excessive skin layers, small cuts and pseudofolliculitis, i.e., ingrown hairs. Improperly shaved facial skin may also incur reddening, inflammation, telangiectasia or spider veins, pimples and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Electric shavers induce different skin disequilibrium effects. Their vibrational energy can increase the local skin temperature, damaging small capillary blood vessels and increasing inflammation. In contrast, razor shaving has a more superficial impact, although its peeling action in the presence of alkaline shaving soaps could be too harsh for delicate skin.

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