For Men Only, In a Man’s World

Men’s toiletries are one of the fastest growing categories in terms of value and volume in the beauty and personal care market. Male consumers are looking for multifunctional and high quality products that fit their daily routine. Their main requirement is that products keep both hair and body in good condition. As the fashion trend for tailor-made products continues, it becomes crucial that specific ingredients are included in men's formulations to meet their specific needs.

Evonik Personal Care is constantly observing global market trends. Our specialized cross-functional teams develop marketable new products that provide customers with added value that directly links to consumer’s needs. Our strength is in creating new innovations and responding to the latest market demands. Dedicated to the male grooming market, Evonik Personal Care delivers a variety of carefully selected formulations that cover the full repertoire of a modern male grooming routine throughout the day.

Evonik's formulation development is based on extensive experience, modern R&D structures and interfaces between traditional disciplines such as chemistry, biology and marketing. These high performance formulations combined with our innovative ingredients provide individual solutions for the needs of the modern man.

Male vs. Female Skin

Men's skin is approx. 20% thicker than women’s skin, which gives men better potential to retain moisture. Men tend to have deeper wrinkles than women and a reduction in skin density above the age of 50.

In general, male skin perspires quicker and tends to be more irritated than a woman's skin due to repeated shaving or alcoholic treatments. Personal care products, therefore, become more ambitious when the differences of female and male skin are considered.

Formulations for Men

Evonik, with its broad cosmetic ingredient portfolio and high expertise in formulation knowledge, has developed a range of male formulations that respond to the needs of the modern man. Eye care products for men must fulfill specific needs such as being highly effective, immediately refreshing and reducing the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. Therefore, Evonik has developed the Recovery Boost Eye Refresher in a special roll-on application.

Skin care/day care creams for men must offer benefits and protection in many areas such as active substances against wrinkles, moisturizing ingredients and UV light protectors to defend against environmental influences. As an adequate solution, Evonik introduces the Age Rebel & Protection Day Care formulation.

An Evonik internal global survey with 82 men showed that a complete range of mild cleaning rinse-off products with multiple benefits like shaving, showering or cleaning the hair is desired from the male consumer. Men want a shower gel that is refreshing, easy to use, has a rich lather and leaves their skin feeling refreshed. Evonik combines these features in their Whole Body Clean & Shave Shower Gel formulation.

Missing in this comprehensive male caring regime is the Power Moisture Recovery Balm. It was developed to provide a complete response to recover and relax men’s skin after shaving. The product provides relief from razor burn and will reduce the harshness of shaving routines.

Last but not least, an effective antiperspirant helps to complete the male personal care range. The Active Body Protection Antiperspirant formulation helps men feel protected and cared for at the same time by using an intelligent deodorant ingredient that delivers activity on demand.

To have a successful launch in the men’s toiletries market, detailed insights on male grooming routines allows Evonik to recognize the needs of the modern man. Using scientific methods, we have developed specific formulations for men that are supported by proven efficacy data.

Men desire tailor-made solutions. Evonik helps to create innovative, specific products with its ingredients to support the formulator's success in the male personal care market.


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