Women Want Youthful Face More Than Youthful Body

Women desire a youthful looking face more than a youthful looking body, according to the results of a national survey conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Allergan Inc.

The study found that nearly 60% of women surveyed (ages 21-65 (n=500)) say they'd rather have a more youthful looking face. The Wakefield Research Volume Loss Survey 2014 was conducted to promote Allergan's Juvederm Voluma XC, a hyaluronic acid injectable filler; however, it also has implications in topical skin care for face and body.

Of the respondents, 64% noted that the shape of their face has changed as they have aged, and 44% have noticed a decrease in cheek volume or fullness in the past 10 years. Of women surveyed, 44% believe that if they lose volume in their cheek area, there is nothing they can do to correct it.

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