Bee-lieve It: Epigenetic Anti-aging


Mibelle AG Biochemistry will highlight its RoyalEpigen P5 (INCI: Pentapeptide-48) active during in-cosmetics North America next week.

This ingredient captures the epigenetic activity of royal jelly, which is responsible for queen bee development in nature. Although identical on a genetic level, worker bees and the queen bee differ in life span, fertility and size. The reason for these differences are epigenetic changes in the queen bee that are evoked by feeding on royal jelly.

Recent scientific findings have shown that the component of royal jelly that drives queen development is the protein royalactin. The RoyalEpigen P5 ingredient was designed to use the power of royalactin to restore a youthful, even skin. Learn more about the ingredient at the show and from the company's recent webcast.

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