Telomerase Research Takes Flight

Telomerase Activation Sciences Inc. has announced the opening of the TA Sciences Center in Manhattan. Customers can purchase the company's first product at the site. The first product is a nutraceutical containing telomerase activating agent TA-65.

"A natural consequence of aging is the shortening of telomeres (caps of DNA located at the ends of all chromosomes), which ultimately results in loss of cell function. TA-65 offers the potential of reducing or reversing telomere shortening and battles tissue and organ degeneration by rejuvenating aging cells," said Noel Thomas Patton, founder of TA Sciences, in a company press release.

On April 30, 2007, TA Sciences will publish the results of what the company refers to as the "first ever human clinical trial of the telomerase activator." The study, Pivotal 2005 Antiaging Trial reportedly shows statistical verification of the antiaging benefits of telomerase activation.

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