Epigenetic Fibroblast Revival

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BASF’s latest bioactive botanical, Dermagenist™, revives aged fibroblasts, resulting in improved skin firmness and a strengthened matrix. Dermagenist is an Origanum majorana leaf extract powder that restores balance to the skin cycle by altering the epigenetic patterns of cells to reverse the signs of aging.

Over time, intrinsic and extrinsic factors cause skin to turn certain cellular activities on or off, which affects the performance of skin cells, their network and ultimately, the appearance of skin. By altering these age-related epigenetic changes, Dermagenist re-activates silenced cellular functionality and restores the natural ability of fibroblasts to produce essential matrix proteins, resulting in a dynamic, three-dimensional network.

By rejuvenating fibroblast activity and flexibility, matrix interactions are re-activated, firmness and density are restored, and skin is able to regain its youthful appearance.

Check out this formulation with Dermagenist:

Facial Firming Booster


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