Guarana Blend for Antiaging

Custom Ingredients, Inc. launched a blend of naturally derived anti-aging actives during NYSCC Suppliers' Day, held last week in Edison, NJ. CustoGaia Revivify (INCI: Not Provided) combines vitamins with seed extract from the Amazonian Paulinia cupana (guarana) vine. According to the company, guarana is chemically equivalent to caffeine, and it is included in sports drinks and supplements for energizing benefits. While it contains 7% more caffeine than coffee beans, it is also released more slowly, providing a prolonged effect.

In personal care, the company applied the ingredient's fat-burning and fluid-reducing capabilities for the treatment of under-eye area puffiness. The ingredient also corrects uneven skin pigmentation, stimulates collagen production, and reduces acne-related bacterial counts. In vivo, a test cream incorporating the ingredient at 10% reduced the appearance of melanin by 25%. Also in vivo, inflammation was reduced by 77% with the twice daily use of a test lotion containing 15% extract. And in vitro, 5% extract reduced fluid build-up and lipolysis 20% more than the control.

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