Beauty from the Ice


IceAwake™: Fighting Aging in Sleep-deprived Skin

Today’s hectic lifestyle inevitably affects both the quality and quantity of sleep, resulting in a tired appearance in the short term, and it is also an important aging factor in the long term. On a cellular level, this is caused by inefficient protein folding in combination with a lack of ATP.

IceAwake™ helps to reduce this stress in the skin cells. It is based on a biotechnologically produced bacterium that was reawakened after being discovered by Mibelle Biochemistry under a Swiss glacier.

The ingredient:

Energizes tired skin

Reduces wrinkles after only two weeks

Increases radiance despite a hectic lifestyle

In clinical studies conducted on volunteers who experience poor sleep quality and a hectic lifestyle, IceAwake™ visibly rejuvenated the skin appearance by decreasing wrinkle depth and increasing skin radiance.


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