Croda Introduces Ether-based Emollient for Aesthetic Tailoring

Croda Inc. has introduced the first in a line of sensory-driven emollients. Sensemol LST (INCI: PPG-3 Isostearyl Methyl Ether) is a multifunctional, ether-based emollient that offers a light feel and a high degree of skin spreading, making it ideal for a multitude of formats from color cosmetics to antiperspirants.

Because the after-feel of a skin cream leaves a lasting impression, the choice of emollients is an important factor for consideration. The ability of this ether emollient to reduce tack and leave a light, dry feel on skin makes it the perfect option for any number of skin care applications including liquid foundations.

In addition, this product is an excellent pigment-wetting agent, demonstrates a high degree of pH tolerance and can reduce the whitening effect of antiperspirant salts.

In the process of engineering emulsion aesthetics, the emollient is the finishing step that affects the final feel of the formula on the surface of the skin. The other important factor in this process is the emulsifier, which affects the initial feel of the formula, including the pick-up and physical application of the product to the skin. To that end, the company offers Sensification, an easy-to-use system that allows formulators and marketers to navigate the complex landscape of sensory descriptors in a clear and defined way. 

Check back with Cosmetics & Toiletries in the December 2013 issue for an article all about the sensorial impact of emulsifiers on emulsions.

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