Grant Industries Targets Texture with Silicone Wax, Ice Cream Concept

Finding ingredients that provide unique textures and texture transitions is becoming more important to formulators worldwide, and this desire for texture innovation is driven by marketers who are constantly seeking differentiation for their product and overall brand. Cosmetics R&D is challenged to create different product formats and transformations, and formulating products that provide visual and sensorial effects without compromising performance can be even more difficult.

Grant Industries addresses these challenges with its new Gransil VX-418 (INCI: bis-Stearyl Dimethicone) and Ice Cream Repair concept. These were created as part of a dedicated R&D program in the texture category.

With possible applications in all personal care formula types, Gransil VX-418 offers innovative texture and sensory capabilities. Comprised of a short-chained silicone and C18 stearyl group, the ingredient fully transitions from wax to liquid upon skin contact to offer a light sensory feel. The short chain composition provides unique rheology performance and reduces possible syneresis effects in formulations. It also acts as an emollient to provide a light, molisturized skin feel with improved spreading, and assists in pigment and UV filter deposition. Further, the Gransil VX-418 reduces the tackiness and dryness of other ingredients in formulations, to improve feel.

Implementing Gransil VX-418, the company has developed an Ice Cream Repair formula concept to highlight the texture and transition innovation the ingredient imparts in skin care, color cosmetics and hair care.

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