Formulate with the Top Ten Fragrance Profiles

Bell Flavors & Fragrances has released its 2009 Top Ten Fragrances. The fragrances listed were chosen by tracking samples over the past year, scouting trends internally and compiling fragrance trends from external resources. The fragrance profiles are the following:

Fragrance Profiles
1. Tilleul/Linden Flower
2. Sandalwood with creamy lactones
3. Deep Dry Amber Notes
4. Floral Rose Violet
5. Tuberose Orange Flower
6. Citrus Aromatic
7. Oriental Floral
8. Floral Fruity
9. Floral Woody Muse
10. Woody (Cedar wood, Precious wood, Olive wood)

Personal care formulators can choose to incorporate these popular fragrances into their products with the reassurance that consumers enjoy them. Conversely, formulators can choose to seek new fragrances, taking a risk that may pay off.

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