Natural Cooling Agent

Symrise has introduced a natural cooling agent that imparts a sense of freshness on skin. Frescolat ML Natural (INCI: Menthyl lactate is the company's response to the personal care market’s demand for a natural alternative to menthol.

According to the company, the ingredient is the first natural coolant without odor. Frescolat ML Natural can be used to provide sensations of cooling, tingling, energizing, etc. 

The company recommends formulating with the product as a signal or marker to reinforce to the consumer that the product benefits are being delivered, e.g. to indicate time related benefits. The ingredient can be used as an active cosmetic ingredient worldwide. It has a faint inherent odor, which can easily be masked; therefore, fragrancing final products is easy. The ingredient is suitable for cosmetic products with either acidic or alkaline pH and is safe to use and compatible with mucous membranes. For more information, visit

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