A Naturally Fragranced Extract Line

TRI-K Industries has addressed the demand for natural fragrances with its latest personal care launch. TRI-K Scented Extracts is a line of natural, aromatic extracts for cosmetic and personal care products. These extracts are said by the company to meet formulators’ needs for natural fragrancing and odor masking.

According to the company, a growth in active ingredients means that personal care companies will see a growth in scents that can mask the odor of those actives. Also, an increasing consumer demand for more natural products makes scented extracts an alternative to traditional synthetic fragrances.

“These all natural extracts provide excellent natural aromas and varying functionality,” said John Carratura, senior technical information specialist at TRI-K. “They are an ideal alternative to formulated fragrances for many cosmetic products.”

A total of 30 extracts will be offered in the line. For more information, visit www.tri-k.com.

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