Northstar Introduces Crambe Seed Oil

Also known as Abyssinian oil or Abyssinian mustard oil, Northstar’s Crambe Seed Oil (INCI: Crambe Abyssinian Seed Oil) is a high slip, high stability, luxurious plant oil extracted from the seeds of Crambe abyssinica, principally by means of cold expeller pressing.

Crambe seed oil has a unique lipid composition that affords enhanced product stability, giving it a shelf life of three years or more, under controlled test conditions. More importantly, Crambe seed oil has a rich skin feel combined with superior lubricating properties, acting as a feel modifier with effects similar to some high-end silicones.

This product is produced from the company’s UK-based crops and combined with overseas supplies. It has a wide range of potential uses, from body oils and hair conditioning creams, to shave balms and soaps.

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