Wacker Introduces Silicone Elastomer Gels for Improved Skin Feel

At in-cosmetics 2015, Wacker will debut two silicone elastomer gels that improve skin feel in skin care and color cosmetics. Belsil EG 1 and Belsil REG 102 improve spreadability and exhibit pronounced shear-thinning attributes. They are solid at rest, but convert to a liquid state in response to shear stress, allowing for quick spreading on the skin. Both gels contain cyclopentasiloxane as a liquid component, which evaporates upon application to leave the elastomer. As a result, the formulator can freely modify the desired consistency and sensory effects of the elastomer after its application.

Belsil EG 1 is derived from a classic addition-curing silicone elastomer, whereas Belsil REG 102 is based on a specialty silicone that is crosslinked to a three dimensional network via silicone resin segments. As a result, the silicone resin elastomer combines the skin sensation produced by flexible silicone loops with the good film-forming properties of silicone resins. This combination of properties makes Belsil REG 102 a multifunctional active ingredient for skin care applications and decorative cosmetic products. The gel forms a water-repellent film that adheres well to the skin without becoming sticky, thus providing long-wear benefits to formulations such as lipsticks, makeup and sunscreens. It also adds a pleasant and silky soft skin feeling to moisturizers and night creams.

Conversely, Belsil EG 1 is intended for cosmetic products that are not required to meet high demands on water and transfer resistance. Belsil EG 1 is preferred for enhancing rheological and skin-sensory properties, especially of skin care creams, mascaras, skin cleansers and deodorants.

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