Eckart’s Ecofil B110 Ful’fills’ Biodegradable Soft Focus Niche

Eckart Ecofil B110

Eckart has developed a sustainable multipurpose natural ingredient, Ecofil B110 (INCI: Hydroxybutyric Acid/Hydroxypentanoic Acid Copolymer)—a micronized, biodegradable polymer filler.

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Obtained from renewable sources, Ecofil B110 is based on naturally fermented, non-genetically modified corn. It can be used as a filler and matting agent to replace microplastics in cosmetics and personal care formulas.

As stated, the ingredient can hide optical imperfections such as small wrinkles via a soft focus effect, or to fine-tune subtle properties of formulations such as application behavior or skin feel. With its white color, Ecofil B110 enables “clean” formulations without additional brighteners. Its transmission and opacity properties also give skin a healthy, natural appearance.

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