[update] Aprinnova Biosilica Offers Silica Replacement

Aprinnova Biosilica

Biosilica (INCI: Not Provided) from Aprinnova is a sustainable and renewable ingredient that can be used in foundations, creams, lotions, etc. as a replacement to extractive silica and microplastics.

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Biosilica is derived from discarded sugarcane ashes and has similar performance characteristics compared to other silicones that are derived from nonrenewable sources. Aprinnova’s plant-derived silica has sphericity, high oil absorption, particle size and o/w absorption ratio. These characteristics offer high-performance benefits such as texture, sebum control, matting and anti-aging effects without drying the skin.

An expert panel compared liquid foundation and pressed powder formulations with Biosilica and a leading industry benchmark. Consumers and experts perceived equivalence in oil absorption, soft focus, lubricity and blurring characteristics during and after application. A consumer study of 60 individuals confirmed sensory equivalence as well for both formulation testing.

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