Enzymatically Produced Emollient for Sustainable Formulations

Evonik Industries has launched a sustainable, enzymatically produced emollient, Tegosoft OER (INCI: Oleyl Erucate), which is designed to impart a smooth, non-oily feel to skin. According to the company, it is the first to commercialize biotechnologically derived cosmetic esters, and the enzymatic production process yields fewer side components thus providing higher purity. In addition, the emollient is free from preservatives and is biodegradable, enabling formulators to produce more sustainable formulations.

The emollient is also reportedly easier to formulate with and can be incorporated into both o/w and w/o systems, allowing the formulator more freedom in product creation. The company likens the emollient's sensory properties to that of cold-pressed jojoba oil but unlike jojoba oil, which exhibits a pigment, this emollient is clear with low color and imparts no noticeable impact on the appearance of cosmetic formulations. Therefore, it is suitable for color-sensitive cosmetic formulations.

The company recommends the emollient for skin care, sun care, color cosmetics and other personal care products.

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