Shea Treatment to Reduce Stress in Inorganic Pigments

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies/LCW has added shea to its natural butter waxes line of surface treatments. NB-Shea Treatment (INCI: Butyrospernum parkii (shea butter) (and) beeswax (and) Euphorbia cerifera (candelilla wax) is manufactured by pressing fruit seeds from exotic trees to produce wax.  According to the company, the natural butter wax treatment line reduces stress that inorganic pigments typically inflict on the skin.

The wax reportedly creates a barrier layer that hinders the migration of moisture from the skin to the pigment. Natural butter treated pigments contribute to the overall comfort of an application. The product is said to be particularly well-suited for formulations that improve or prevent dry skin. Formulators will find utility in the compressibility and improved wear characteristics the coating imparts to the pigments.

The product is based on the natural butters of the karite (shea) nut. The company chose shea based on its reputation for being an emollient for nourishing, moisturizing and healing. The shea treatment is to be used with other natural actives in color cosmetics, where it is said to add improved feel, compressibility and gentleness. It is available in the following products: Sensient LCW fillers, talc, mica and brilliant white sericite.

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