Cosmetics Has Gone Bananas

Treatt Plc., a worldwide ingredients supplier to the flavor and fragrances announces the launch of the latest addition to its ‘From the Named Food’ (FTNF) distillates. Treatt Plc. has created an array of flavorful ingredients including tropical fruits, vegetable, tea, sugar, honey and malt flavors. The latest addition to the flavor company's portfolio of unique flavors for the cosmetic industry…bananas.

Banana Treattarom 9735 is reportedly distilled from fresh bananas to bring the taste and fruity aroma of bananas to food, drink and cosmetic applications. The company reports all of its Treattarom distillates to be 100 percent natural. It emphasizes production using a short duration, low temperature process.

The banana FTNF, according to the company, conveys well-rounded flesh and ester notes when used both alone and as part of a flavor palette. The banana character is formulated into the ingredient at 15%, and at approximately 5% are floral notes that the company finds complementary to the flavor components. Smoky and spicy hints are added to the ingredient using phenolics such as eugenol and elimicin.

Banana Treattarome 9735 is water soluble with a clear appearance, according to the company, which enables it to be used in a range of sweet and savory products. It is recommended for use in drinks, juices, dairy products and skin creams.

Seasonal fluctuations do not apply to the product, as it has been made available by Treatt Plc. year round. The company stresses that it provides flavorists with a 100 percent clean label declaration.

Treat Plc., in addition to their production of flavors, also manufactures and supplies essential oils and their natural fractions and aromatic chemicals.

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