Evonik Launches Color Cosmetic Emulsifier and Viscosity Enhancer for Cleansers

Evonik has introduced two new raw materials: a polyacrylic acid copolymer rheology modifier for mild cleansing and a silicone-based emulsifier for w/o color formulations.

Tego Carbomer 841 SER (INCI: Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer) is a crosslinked polyacrylic acid copolymer designed to control the rheology of surfactant systems, especially for mild formulations based on sulfate- and/ or PEG-free surfactants. The copolymer provides synergistic thickening in combination with electrolyte sodium chloride. It can be used for various personal cleansing systems and it provides excellent clarity in shampoos or body washes. Even low level surfactant systems can be formulated with the product. Additionally it is compatible with cationics and creates stable viscosities over a wide pH-range. The high density powder is easy to handle and cold processable. It is recommended for mild baby shampoos, hair and body shampoos, facial cleansers, liquid soaps, body washes, low concentration surfactant systems and bath gels.

Abil EM 120 (INCI: Bis-(Glyceryl/Lauryl)Glyceryl Lauryl Dimethicone (and) Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride) is a multipurpose PEG-free w/o emulsifier based on a polymeric and polyfunctional structure for an optimal stability profile. The emulsifier is compatible with all types of cosmetic emollients and usable for hot and cold processing. It is applicable for stabilizing both hydrophilic and hydrophobically modified iron oxides. Hence, it is especially suitable for pigment-containing emulsions. In color formulations, the emulsifier provides the advantage of enhanced color trueness as well as improved wetting of black iron oxide leading to enhanced color intensity. Although it provides special benefits to color formulations (foundations, primers, concealers, BB creams and CC creams), the emulsifier is also recommended for lotions, creams and emulsion-based AP/Deo systems.

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