Dr. Straetmans Introduces Natural Oil Thickener and Cold-processable Emulsifier

At in-cosmetics 2013 in Paris, Dr. Straetmans will introduced a natural thickener for oils that can convert liquids into solids and a natural, o/w, cold-processable emulsifier.

Dermofeel Viscolid (INCI: Hydrogenated Rapeseed Oil (and) Hydrogenated Palm Oil) has solidifying properties that allow it to increase the viscosity of w/o emulsions without increasing the body or sensorial profile of the formulation. It can be used with mineral oils, vegetable oils and essential oils. The thickener may have particular use in the formulation of spa products such as massage products, which can be thickened into a jellified oil while presenting its original liquid and oily skin feel upon skin contact.

Dermofeel Easymuls (Proposed INCI: Sunflower Seed Oil Polyglyceryl-3 Esters Citrate) is a o/w, natural emulsifier that is easy to use and can be processed cold. The process benefits make it suitable for wet-wipe production, formulation with heat-sensitive actives, and other concepts where temperature is an issue.

This emulsifier produces light emulsions, especially suitable for lotions, milks and sprayable formulations. The light, low viscous textures of finished products are ideal for the sensorial trend, especially for summer season and warmer regions in general. This makes it ideal for products targeting warmer countries like in southern Europe, South Asia or Latin America.

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