Natural and Eco-friendly Plant Fiber Emulsifier

Berg + Schmidt has created a natural emulsifier and thickener based on fruit and cereal fibers. BergaMuls ET 1 (INCI: Not Provided) provides equal emulsification to synthetic emulsifiers in hair care, sun care, skin care and color cosmetics, yet can be formulated in eco-friendly and natural formulations.

The emulsifier is compatible with many of the ingredients used in cosmetics, including various vegetable oils, silicone oils, esters, electrolytes, UV filters and other ingredients. It is compatible with numerous oils used in the cosmetics industry that have a wide range of polarities. In addition, it can be used without restriction in the pH spectrum from 4-9, so that it covers the entire pH range normally used in cosmetics.

During processing, the emulsifier has high resistance to shear forces and temperature. It saves on energy costs, as it can be processed cold or warm. It dissolves in the water phase or the oil phase to both emulsify and thicken in one step. Follow-up neutralization, co-emulsifier or pre-solution is not necessary.

The emulsifier is a fine ivory powder that is odorless. It is recommended at 1.5-5% in formulations.


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