KahlWax Introduces Rice Bran Ester Wax for Oil Gels

At in-cosmetics Asia, KahlWax will present a versatile rice-bran wax that can be used to lend consistency to oil gels such as lipsticks, hair wax and mascara. KahlWax 2811 (Rice Bran Wax) (INCI: Oryza Sativa  (Rice) Bran Wax) is a slightly yellow, natural ester wax extracted from rice bran.

Similar to carnauba wax, rice wax has a high melting point. Its high crystallinity and the typical oil-binding capacity this produces make rice bran wax well suited for enhancing the consistency of oil gels such as lipsticks, hair wax and mascara. Thanks to its characteristic oil-binding properties, the wax is particularly suitable for soft oil gels. When combined with beeswax, it lends gloss to lipsticks and makes them able to withstand high temperatures.

Addition of rice wax allows w/o emulsions to go on comfortably, leaving the skin feeling soft with no stickiness. When combined with berry wax, rice wax resembles beeswax, resulting in an ideal, vegetable-based "beeswax" for vegan products.

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