Improving Dispersion in Gels/Emulsions with Granulated Carbomer

Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH has introduced a granulated carbomer for improved dispersion in cosmetic or pharmaceutical emulsions and gels. TEGO Carbomer 140 G (INCI: Carbomer) is said to effectively build viscosity, stabilize emulsions and adjust viscosity.

As is generally known, carbomers are widely used in personal care as rheology modifiers and suspending agents. They stabilize and thicken formulations such as gels, emulsions or surfactant-based applications; however, carbomers typically are available as powders. In comparison with powdered carbomers, granulated carbomers are said to cause low dusting and offer a high flowability. In addition, the bulk density is 3.5 times lower than powder carbomers, which leads to less shipping volume.

This granulated carbomer is based on a class 3 solvent , according to Pharmacopoe Européenne; during the polymerization step, n-heptane and ethylacetate are used as solvents (max. 0.5% residual content). The material formed is a high crosslinked acrylic acid polymer (not available in Japan).

Performance-wise, according to the company, the granulated carbomer is comparable to powdered carbomers but easier to handle and disperse. The material quickly disperses in water or alcohol without  forming lumps and can be used over a wide pH range.

The granulated polymer is suitable for: the preparation of clear, water- or alcohol-based gels; the preparation and stabilization of creams, lotions and suspensions; and manufacturing highly viscous emulsions. It is recommended at 0.05–1.00% in cosmetic or pharmaceutical preparations.


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