Seppic Launches Rheology Modifier for Clear Cleansing

Seppic has expanded into the personal hygiene market with the launch of its new rheological modifier Eliclear 4U (INCI: Acrylates Copolymer). This rheological modifier, the result of the company’s partnership with Coatex, thickens, suspends and gives good clarity to surfactant-based personal hygiene formulations.

This easy-to-use, liquid, hydrophobically-modified alkali swellable emulsion (HASE) polymer thickens as well as stabilizes at pH 5 and above. Formulators will be able to respond to market demands for clarity and suspension for both traditional and sulfate-free surfactant-based systems. The copolymer can suspend insoluble ingredients such as: beads and capsules, pearlizing agents, mica and titanium particles, polyethylene beads and pumice and powdered ground shells.

The rheology modifier has superior thickening performance in sulfate-free systems from pH 5-5.3. In addition, it is compatible with silicones and serves as an excellent foam stabilizer. The rheology modifier is recommended for: clear and opaque bath gels, shampoos, facial and body cleansers, pearlized formulations and sulfate-free formulas.

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