Induchem Introduces Biodegradable, Non-irritating Exfoliant for Skin and Scalp

At in-cosmetics in Hamburg, Induchem will launch a natural exfoliant that is both biodegradable and non-irritating to sensitive skin. Biogomm'age (INCI: Cellulose (and) Hydroxypropylcellulose) is composed mostly of cellulose, to make it sustainable and biodegradable unlike plastic microbeads. In addition, the exfoliator does not scratch or tear sensitive skin like many natural exfoliants.

These exfoliating beads can be loaded with active ingredients, pigments or additional ingredients to enhance their biological and cosmetic properties. The exfoliator is produced with the company's Safe-scrub technology, a safety feature wherein the particles self-disintegrate upon usage, thereby preventing any skin irritation and avoiding the typical skin redness that occurs after exfoliation. Therefore, the exfoliator can be used on sensitive skin.

In a study, the company found that the particles have the same exfoliation efficiency as conventional apricot kernel fragments of the same size distribution.

The exfoliator is offered in two grades, Biogomm'age Blue, with pro-vitamin B5 to help regenerate the skin, and Biogomm'age White, with vitamin E to help maintaining skin barrier function. Each color is available in 3 sizes: 200µm, 400µm and 900µm. They have visually regular shapes and are compatible with leave-on products (average play time: 10 to 40 seconds depending on their size).

They are stable in any kind of formula, but are recommended for: leave-on whitening creams to remove pigmented cells, dandruff shampoos that do not leave residue on an oily scalp, facial cleansers without damaging particles, exfoliating lotions for sensitive skin, leave-on anti-aging serums to stimulate epidermal renewal, residue- free scrubbing hand sanitizers, and more. The exfoliators are compliant with Chinese regulation.

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