Purdue Scientist Refines Potential Natural Paraben Replacement


Visiting scientist German Schäfer has been working at Purdue University to refine all-natural preservatives and antioxidants derived from Solanum superfruits. For use in cosmetics, these ingredients will be commercialized through his company, BioProcol, based in Colombia.

According to a Purdue University press release, these ingredients show promise for next-generation products manufactured by the cosmetics industry. They reportedly could replace synthesized preservatives such as parabens. A second phase of testing is under way, with additional testing planned.

The new ingredients, Solanum Complex and Sopex (INCIs: Not Available), also could replace synthetic antioxidants.They are derived from the extracts of superfruits of the Solanum plant species, which grow in the foothills of the Colombian Andes. Bio-prospecting, organic horticulture and bio-processes are being carried out through a sustainable agreement with the Colombian government, which additionally supports local job growth.

Cosmetics & Toiletries will expand on this development in an upcoming interview with Schäfer. Stay tuned.

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