Glide Down the SymOcide C Slide


Symrise launched SymOcide C (INCI: o-Cymen-5-ol) to provide cosmetic manufacturers with an effective and safe alternative to preserve their products.

The ingredient is odorless and is globally approved, maintaining a positive listing in Europe and Japan. The launch of SymOcide C helps meet the needs of creating a more effective, safe and approved alternative for the cosmetics industry. Additionally, the ingredient has antimicrobial properties, which are specifically beneficial with oral care products such as toothpaste.

“Symrise is a leading supplier of modern solutions for product protection,” said Florian Genrich, Ph.D., global product manager at Symrise. “We have discovered that SymOcide C, when properly used, can preserve many cosmetic products effectively. Particularly in combination with organic acids or other multifunctional ingredients, SymOcide C shows broad spectrum protection.”

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