Lachemi Creates Antimicrobial for Broad Application

Lachemi Chemorgs P. Ltd. introduced an antimicrobial that was optimized to exhibit a well-balanced antimicrobial spectrum against microorganisms that play a role in skin disorders such as dandruff, athlete’s foot, acne, skin odor and hand bacteria.

La’Lact, a vegetable derived compound from starch and vegetable oil, has a broad range of antimicrobial activity against bacteria, molds and yeast. It also exhibits sufficient adhesion to the skin surface to provide long-term efficacy. This efficacy is reached without any traditional preserving agent and is equivalent with antimicrobials like triclosan, piroctone olamine or climbazol.

The antimicrobial also functions as a skin feel enhancer (light, silky feel), co-emulsifier and viscosity builder. The product’s active principle is based on a synergistic mixture of natural components.

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