A&E Connock Introduces Expanded Natural Exfoliant Range

A&E Connock has debuted its expanded range of natural exfoliants to the personal care industry. The range was extended in response to increased interest from manufacturers seeking natural alternatives to plastic microbeads.

The company carries 30 different natural exfoliants, many with several options for particulate size, grade and form. These exfoliants can provide a light abrasive effect (ground loofah) to a more aggressive scrub (pumice or sweet almond shell granules). In addition to the many and varied exfoliating properties, the wide range includes a spectrum of colors, from rich natural tones to the pure white of jojoba wax beads and natural earth elements such as alumina.

Some example exfoliants include: strawberry seeds, ground corn cob, ground coconut shell, Mandarin peel, evening primrose seed and more.

To assist the formulator in their choice, the company offers a downloadable brochure of their natural exfoliants, and the formulator can order free samples of the natural exfoliants on the company's website.

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