Naturally-derived O/W Emulsifier for Skin Care

Seppic has introduced a vegetable-derived, sustainable o/w emulsifier with a light skin feel. Simulgreen 18-2 (INCI: Hydroxystearyl Alcohol (and) Hydroxystearyl Glucoside) can be formulated into a variety of skin care applications.

The emulsifier is produced with vegetable oil extracted from Ricinus seeds. It is free of preservatives and does not require a solvent or any other synthetic products in manufacturing. The company currently is in the process of validating the ingredient's natural origin with Ecocert and NaTrue.

The emulsifier reportedly absorbs quickly into the superficial layers of the skin without causing a "soaping effect" (white traces) in natural emulsions rich in vegetable oils and natural gum. It reportedly emulsifies all oil types including esters, mineral oil, vegetable oil and silicone.

The emulsifier promotes the lamellar phase in the continuous aqueous phase, contributing to stratum corneum hydration and skin comfort. The emulsifier is said to spread easy, imparting a light and soft skin feel. The company found it to have a long-lasting, eight hour moisturizing effect in vivo. An in vivo test conducted by the company showed the emulsifier to improve skin state and appearance perceived by 91% of volunteers after 14 days of use.

The emulsifier is compatible with actives rich in electrolytes. It is effective starting at 1% regardless of the pH and with all grades of oil. It can be incorporated into a number of skin care applications including: makeup removers, deodorants, conditioners, sunscreens,  tinted creams and more.

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