Mild Corn-derived Thickener for Surfactant Irritancy Reduction

The Lubrizol Corp.’s Noveon Consumer Specialties has created a naturally derived, mild, nonionic thickener that is said to reduce surfactant irritancy while promoting rich lather. Glucamate VLT Thickener (INCI: PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Trioleate (and) Propanediol) is derived from corn and reportedly is the company's mildest thickener to date.

According to the company, the thickener's liquid form allows it to be used in cold processing. In addition, its easy pump viscosity allows it to be added to the manufacturing process at any time, including post-addition. The company noted that the thickener enhances viscosity efficiently, even in difficult to thicken systems. It also reportedly works well in complex shampoo systems.

The nonionic thickener reportedly is compatible with most ingredients used in today's liquid surfactant systems. Its ability to reduce the skin and eye irritation caused by many common surfactants makes it useful for baby and elder-care products.

The thickener also provides luxurious sensory properties through the formation of rich, creamy lather and a light, emollient afterfeel. The thickener is recommended for formulation into baby shampoos, facial cleansers, liquid hand soaps, mild shampoos and shower gels.


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