Pure, Low Odor Dimethyl Isorbide

Grant Industries has launched a pure, low-odor version of the solvent dimethyl isorbide. Gransolve DMI (INCI: Dimethyl Isorbide) is sustainably derived from renewable corn sugar and can be used to stabilize and deliver active ingredients into the skin for efficacy and performance attributes.

The nonionic solvent remains stable over most pH ranges found in cosmetics while maintaining formula liquidity by slowing the crystal growth of otherwise insoluble materials. According to the company, the solvent polarity is matched to the epidermis and boosts the penetration of actives into the upper layers of the skin.

The solvent is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration up to 15% in OTC preparations such as personal care, sun care and topical pharmaceutical applications. In personal care is is recommended for hair, skin and sun care products especially in anti-acne and self-tanning products.

The solvent will be distributed by Univar USA, which will be tasked with developing new applications for dimethyl isosorbide in its personal care applications lab being constructed in North Carolina.

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