Aveda Founder Sources Food Chemistry for Organic Hair Care

Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda, has sourced food chemists to launch what he terms the first hair care line to bear the USDA Organic seal.

Rechelbacher's new brand, Intelligent Nutrients, has been many years in the making. The team involved in making the brand included:  biochemist and former Aveda R&D executive Melissa Christenson, president of the brand and Jeff Anshus, a food chemist and the brands marketing and product developer. Other doctors and food chemists were also involved.

The line includes products from shampoo to hair spray, and all items reportedly are 100% certified organic, except for two products that are made for color-treated hair. Each item in the line uses the Intellimune Seed Oil Complex, an antiaging-antioxidant blend of black cumin, pumpkin, red grape, red raspberry and cranberry seed oils.

According to Rechelbacher, food chemistry helped make the hair care brand ultimately safe for the consumer. Rechelbacher had his team of food and beauty chemists develop organic formulas that would serve as surfactants derived  from food substances such as out of rice, soy, nuts seeds.

Intelligent Nutrients' products are not patented so that it does not have to list product ingredients. Rechelbacher reportedly will work with any company to get ride of petrochemicals.The line will launch later this year and first-year sales are estimated to hit US$10 million. 

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