Croda's 4 Actives Promote Traditional, Natural Personal Care Remedies

Of the four actives, Crodarom Cider vinegar is said to be a fermented health and well-being ingredient made from apple cider.
Of the four actives, Crodarom Cider vinegar is said to be a fermented health and well-being ingredient made from apple cider.

Croda’s four natural actives, Crodarom Cider Vinegar EC, Stinging Nettle Extract EC, Curcuma Extract os and Fruitliquid Lingonberry EC (INCIs: Not Provided) are said to provide benefits similar to traditional medicinal remedies.

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Dedicated to rebalancing skin prone to seborrhea or acne and greasy hair with dandruff, Crodarom Cider vinegar is a fermented health and well-being ingredient made from apple cider with astringent, antibacterial and balancing powers. It imparts gloss and shine for hair care applications and purifying capabilities for an array of personal care benefits such as a makeup remover, soaps, deodorants, facial cleansers and more.

Stinging Nettle Extract EC is based on the plant Urtica dioica or stinging nettle. Nettles are commonly used medicinal plants due to their health-enhancing qualities such as blood-regenerating, purgative and hemostatic properties. In external applications, the nettle is used to treat scalp and hair issues, insect bites and burns. Cosmetically, nettle extracts are used for their antioxidant, soothing and antimicrobial effects. They are mainly formulated for oily skin, protective properties or to repair burns.

Curcuma Extract os is based on turmeric, a well-known food spice used in Asian cuisine that has been often used in ayurvedic medicine and ancient Chinese practices to treat skin issues such as eczema. It was used to support the immune system, aiding digestion, treating inflammation or stimulating or astringent preparations.

Composed of curcumin with antibacterial, antioxidant and soothing properties, turmeric is beneficial for treating acne and scarring, reducing redness, brightening skin to promote a natural glow and to improving scalp health and shiny hair. This ingredient can be used in a variety of personal care applications such as skin care, hair care, lip care, nail care and more.

Finally, Fruitliquid Lingonberry EC is based on lingonberry, native to boreal forests and Arctic tundra throughout the Northern Hemisphere, and is known for its adaptogenic properties. Lingonberries have been reportedly used as both food and medicine for centuries for their health-promoting virtues. Containing vitamins and antioxidant compounds, lingonberries help to maintain the skin’s protective barrier integrity and fight against premature skin aging.

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